Create a Trade advertisement Advertisement rules and requirements

  •  For your ads to display you need to have Bitcoins/Ethereum in your SGTX wallet. You need BTC/ ETH or more for advertisements with online payment methods and BTC/ ETH or more for local advertisements (Cash).
  •  Certain payment methods require you to be ID verified before your ads are visible.
  •  Each completed trade costs advertisers 0% BTC / 0% ETH of the total trade amount. See all fees on our fees page.
  •  Once a trade is opened the price is final, except when there is a clear mistake in the pricing.
  •  You are not allowed to buy or sell Bitcoin on behalf of someone else (brokering).
  •  You may only use payment accounts that are registered in your own name (no third party payments!).
  •  You must provide your payement details in the advertisement or in the trade chat.
  •  All communication must happen on a.
  •  Payment methods marked High Risk have a significant risk of fraud. Be careful and always ID verify your trading partners when using high risk payment methods.

Trade type

I want to...

What kind of trade advertisement do you wish to create? If you wish to sell bitcoins make sure you have bitcoins in your wallet.

For online trade you need to specify the country.

More Information

Terms of Trade

Other information you wish to tell about your trade. Example 1: This advertisement is only for cash trades. If you want to pay online, Contact Admin. Example 2: Please make request only when you can complete the payment with cash within 12 hours

Track liquidity

Security Options

identified People Only

To Contact Your Advertisement, Users Need To Verify Their Identity By Sending Ids, Driver's Licence Or Passport.

SMS Verification Required

Only Contacts With A Verified Mobile Phone Number Can Contact You From The Advertisement

Trusted People Only

Restrict Your Advertisement To Be Shown Only To Users That You Have Marked As Trusted. Learn How To Mark Users As Trusted.