July 8, 2017

Solar Tracker and Charger Workshop

  1. learn to interface Solar Panels with a charging circuitry to charge you phone
  2. Designing and building solar mobile charger from scratch.
  3. Making the solar connections and testing the circuit
  4. Write programming logic for working of the solar tracker




  1. Arduino nano
  2. Arduino Nano breakout board
  3. Motor
  4. Motor Driver
  5. Solar Panel
  6. Charging Circuitry
  7. Connecting Wires
  8. LDR module

Anybody interested in Arduino can attend this course.

What is this course about?

Solar Trackers are devices which will automatically orient in the direction of high intensity sunlight to effectively harness maximum solar power. In this course, you will develop an Automatic Solar Tracker using a solar panel, light-dependent resistor (LDR) and Servo Motors based on Arduino platform. When the sun moves, the LDR sensor senses a reduction in light intensity forcing the DC Motors to adjust solar panel accordingly in the direction of high intensity. When compared to a fixed solar panel, this tracking system produces 40% more energy!

By building this project, you will practically learn about working of solar energy systems, harnessing of solar energy in a smart way and Arduino programming. You will also work with photo resistors in electronic systems and control Servo Motors using programming.

Note-Student those who will participate in a group of 5 will get a free DIY kit

I took a 2 month training program from protrex which included an internship for 1 month on embedded systems and another month for my quadcopter training and a solar energy workshop. It was a great experience learning from them which includes a proper teaching methodology with lots of challenges to nurture the potential within me

-Nilesh Rao