July 19, 2017

Self Balancing Bot Workshop

  1. Developing and programming of codes into microcontroller.
  2. Working with Bluetooth Technology for Communication.
  3. Designing a system using different sensor and actuators.
  4. Designing a system using different sensor and actuators.




  1. Arduino Nano Board
  2. DC Motor
  3. DC Motor Driver
  4. Bluetooth Module
  5. Accelero-Gyro Sensor
  6. Potentiometer for PID
  7. Wheel Pair
  8. Robot Chassis
  9. Screw Packet
  10. Screw Driver
  11. USB Cable
  12. Connecting Wires
  13. Battery
  14. Battery Adapter.

Anybody interested in Arduino can attend this course.

What is this course about?

           Two wheel self-balancing robot is a development in the field of robotics. This two wheel self-balancing robot is actually based on the concept of Inverted pendulum theory. This type of robot has gained fame and interest among researchers and engineers because it utilizes such a control system that is used to stabilize an unstable system using efficient microcontrollers and sensors.

        Two-wheeled balancing robots can be used in several applications with different perspectives such as an intelligent gardener in agricultural fields, an autonomous trolley in hospitals, shopping malls, offices, airports, healthcare applications or an intelligent robot to guide blind or disable people. Self-balancing systems can be seen in many places and they are essential for the smooth running of numerous types of machines.

I had selected a 10 Days Training Program(i.e.Embedded Systems ,Robotics & Android Application Development).The overall experiencewas good. The methodology of teaching was excellent. The friendly relation with the trainer helped me to clear all the doubts during the training session. Will surely attend more training programs organised by Protrex in near future.
-Inshort lai bhari

-ALI Shikalgar