July 8, 2017

Robotic Arm Workshop

  1. Learn Robotics to control motion
  2. Programming of motion into a robot
  3. Understanding various equations for motion planning
  4. Implementation of arm motion based on angles of servo motors
  5. Planning for different joint like shoulder, elbow, wrist, tool, etc.
  6. Interfacing of variable resistive sensor for angle mapping
  7. Remotely controlling robotic arm via Bluetooth **



  1. Arduino Nano
  2. USB Data Cable
  3. Arduino Breakout Board
  4. Bluetooth Module
  5. Servo Motors
  6. Gear Shaft
  7. Variable Resistive Sensor
  8. Robot Mechanical Frames
  9. Screw Packet
  10. Power distribution board
  11. Battery
  12. Battery Snapper
  13. Screwdriver
  14. Connecting Wires
  15. Bluetooth Module**
  16. Arduino Nano**

** Optional with additional charges for Bluetooth controlled robotic arm

Anybody interested in can attend this course.

What is this course about?

In today’s world there is an increasing need to create artificial arms for different inhuman situations where human interaction is difficult or impossible. They may involve taking readings from an active volcano to diffusing a bomb. Robotic arm can be controlled by natural human arm movements whose data is acquired through the use of accelerometers.  This prototype of the arm may be expected to overcome the problem such as placing or picking hazardous objects or non-hazardous objects that are far away from the user.

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-Krunal Mukwane