July 8, 2017

PCB Designing workshop

  1. Receive large volumes of usable content within a compressed amount of time
  2. Design and test your own Circuit
  3. Make your Own sensor from your design
  4. Learn Design software like Ti-Cad and proteus




Anybody interested in Arduino can attend this course.

What is this course about?

Every time we can’t go by placing components on bread board, which may not be sophisticated and may have loose connections which it can’t be used in rough condition. Pcb designing help you to overcome this problem.

This course introduces students to the process, tools, and methodology of the PCB layout design. During the course students will develop basic skills in the use of the modern PCB layout design software and techniques. Schematics, printed circuit board layouts, symbols, and wiring diagrams will be produced on PC workstation; terminology and the manufacturing process of printed circuit boards will be covered. The course prepares the students for the entry-level PCB layout position.

Note-Student those who will participate in a group of 5 will get a free DIY kit

I had attended a workshop and assisted team protrex at a workshop on PCB design & Fabrication . The two day workshop was handled very well by sir. He was very effective in delivering the knowledge he had by clearly making students understand the subject easily. I was very satisfied and learnt well at the workshop