January 24, 2017

Project Guidance

Require any help in your Project?

ProTreX welcomes all Engineering students to the World of Innovation and Creativity.

One more advantage of learning with protrex.in is project guidance. We know when a student comes for a final year project, we are fully aware of the significance of their requirement. We ensure that we offer guidance that is in the best interest of the student, given their college and academic background. Though selecting a project out of thousands of possible choices is not a easy task for the students themselves, over the years we have developed know how and systems that can make the process easier.

We guide the students through every aspect of their project work, starting with the selection of a project to the final presentation and even documentation. In the duration of the project work we provide assistance with presentations, support documents and tools wherever required. Simply said we ensure that the final year project is a enriching learning experience. Confidence comes from knowledge and we see to it that the student has ample knowledge of the project and hence the confidence to take on any questions about their project work.

Over all these years we have realized that different departments have different requirements, hence our project training and project guidance is designed depending on the department. A final year project for ECE is designed to include communication technologies like ZigbeeGPSGSMIOT and similar technologies, whereas a final year project for IEEE will deal primarily in distribution systems, machines, unconventional energy resources etc.

Most of our project ideas for final year projects are taken from journals and publications of international reputation like the IEEE. We take ideas from IEEE and develop them into student projects where the students can learn as much as possible given one project. Lot of our final year project ideas are also extension of the work already done in IEEE papers. This makes final year BE project even more exciting and rewarding, for the students.

Protrex Advantages:

  • Industry Seasoned Instructors
  • Small classes of less than 3 students for maximum learning experience.
  • Subject are tailored to student needs.
  • Flexible Schedule.
  • 12 weeks of instructor-led hands-on training.
  • Extensive class notes.

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