January 24, 2017



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Includes a basic of PLC type, ladder programming , type of SCADA network, prototype view of SCADA system..

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Includes Complete designing(Schematic, PCB  layout, soldering and testing of the circuit)…

A 3DOF robotic arm making using servo motors, controlling using sensor, obtaining different angle of rotations…

Includes a basic of self balancing mechanism,auto feedback mechanism, Bluetooth technology…….

Include basic of Bipedal mechnisam, servo moter working, balancing mechanisam and rduino coding to it….

Include making of solar mobile charger, extimating intensity of light and harnessing more energy….


The idea is that sometimes you have to take a break from the “work” of your work to sharpen your skills. A dull axe won’t cut a tree nearly as effectively as a sharp one.

  • Get new product or service ideas by hearing about needs in your industry.
  • Receive large volumes of usable content within a compressed amount of time.
  • Intensive exposure to a topic through presentations and discussions led by experts.
  • Confidence and motivation for rising and participating in different events that improves the personality of a student.
  • Develop a connection that might help you with future employment.
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