15 days Job based internship on IOT with AWS

  ProTreX in association with IIT Kharagpur conducting 15 days internship on IOT using AWS & Rpi . The Internship will introduce you to IOT & amazon cloud computing technology and provide you a chance to get sponsorship for your project and a prize money worth 7500Rs.Last day there will be 5 hr Hackathon on[…]

Protrex Venture IOT workshop at IIT Bomaby

Venture IOT & Webpreneurship workshop by ProTreX at IIT Bombay

ProTreX Once again leaves it’s Mark, This time in the India’s Biggest Entrepreneur Summit 2018 at IIT Bombay from 26-28th January 2018, where we had Inspired and Ignited the minds of hundreds of young students, Enthusiast & many Professional who were seeking a guidance to begin with their journey in the world of Entrepreneurship.  


Virtual Reality Workshop by ProTreX Virtual Reality typically refers to Computer technologies that generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that replicate a real environment. With Virtual Reality can create an imaginary world for them.VR is a three dimensional environment created using interactive software and hardware. With Virtual Reality a person is able to look around the artificial world,[…]