E-waste the monster in the environment that we are unaware

“ In what may turn out to be an alarming signal for India, mobile phones, televisions and personal computing devices are part of the ‘most dangerous’ electronic waste (e-waste) produced in India. As per a report based on a study published in Economic Times” The report states that by 2020 India may produce 5.2 million metric[…]

Next trends in electronics

Next trends in electronics  Next trends in electronics are based on recent developments in materials-engineering and nanotechnology have introduced new pathways for electronics, keeping  silicon electronics as the main focus, alternative trends that are emerging are 2-D electronics-It started with the discovery of graphene, a structural variant of carbon. Graphene attracted attention due to its high electrical and thermal[…]

Protrex heart beat sensor

Protrex heart beat sensor is based on the principle of photoplethysmography (PPG) which is a non-invasive method of measuring the variation in blood volume in tissues using a light source and a detector. Since the change in blood volume is synchronous to the heart beat, this technique can be used to calculate the heart rate. Transmittance[…]

Protrex Solar Mobile Charger

Protrex Solar Mobile Charger A solar panel converts solar energy into electrical energy. Solar mobile charger regulates this electrical energy such that it could be used to charge mobile phones. Protrex solar mobile charger is a device which can charge mobile phones using solar radiation. Its major component is a compact solar panel. This solar[…]

Worried about phone charging in remote area? We have a Solution

Worried about phone charging in remote area? We have a Solution protrex present the circuit that  can come in handy when you are camping in a remote area where there is no electricity available to charge your mobile phone’s or tablet’s battery. If you can make tea or light a fire, you can as well[…]